The time is when to call your nurse while you’re in the hospital are if your water breaks, if you’re seeing bleeding that’s abnormal or a, what we call period bleeding. I wouldn’t so much concern yourself about the fetal monitoring because usually your nurse can see it outside of your hospital room. So even though the nurse is not in there, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what’s going on. She will come in and adjust it as needed. If your iv becomes disconnected, that’s another time to call the nurse. If you need to go to the bathroom, sometimes your nurse can show you how to disconnect yourself from everything to get to the bathroom. Sometimes she wants to be there every time you go to the bathroom. So in what it’s important when you’re in the hospital is to develop a rapport with your nurse and she can best tell you when to call her. And this can be in different circumstances, and she can show you what you need or not need to worry about while you’re in the hospital.