A reason why someone would want visualization techniques during their contraction is because it can be quite intense and if we focus on pain, it’s going to make it more painful, right? And so if we focus on our body’s ability to do something, then we get to be a participant in this journey. And so instead of it happening at us or to us, we get to be active participants in this event, which think is more power and ability for this mom to do it. So what we like to tell our clients is if you take a deep cleansing breath at the beginning of the contraction, and then you’re able to understand what that deep cleansing breath, this is coming and I can do this, we can do this. And then as that contraction peak comes, you get to the point where you think this is a lot. And at that point, your body starts coming down off of that contraction. And so if you can make it up to that mountaintop, you can do the rest of that contraction. So whatever you need to get you through that, whether that be your deep breathing, visualize your baby coming down and visualize getting to that mountaintop because as soon as you’re there, you can start coming down. So lots of times we tell our clients three more deep breaths and it’s going to start coming down. Contractions are so predictable in nature to the point where, you know, when it’s coming, it doesn’t just come upon you out of, like at the peak of the contraction, it gives you some warning. So you take that deep cleansing breath and you say, I got this, and then you ride that contraction to the peak and then it comes down and you say, nice, deep cleansing breath again. And you say, I did that and you can do it again. And so it’s a predictable pattern, which makes it doable.