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Pregnancy Questions And Answersvideo

ASK: Should I be alarmed that my baby is going into the NICU?

ANSWER:"If your baby's going into the NICU, that means your baby needs some extra care right now. That doesn't mean that something is wrong...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

ASK: What can I expect to be in a hospital labor room?

HOSPITAL LABOR ROOM  EXPECTATIONS ANSWER "What to expect in a labor room when you enter. It is going to be a labor bed, is going to...
Get professional pregnancy tipsvideo

ASK: What do I do if my baby gets stuck during labor?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER A question that we're often asked is, what happens if my baby gets stuck while I'm at a birth center at a...
Pregnancy Tipsvideo

ASK: How can I best practice breathing through contractions?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER In our society, when, if I were to tell you to take a big deep sigh or a big deep breath, you...