A question that we’re often asked is, what happens if my baby gets stuck while I’m at a birth center at a hospital or a home birth? The answer is the same regardless of what setting you’re in, it is up to your healthcare provider. Then to use different maneuvers in order to try and get your baby out without any damage, and this is not always possible. It depends on the skill of your healthcare practitioner. Every practitioner has his or her own protocol for trying to get a baby that stuck out. I feel that flexibility is really important because I’ve been in this situation and I understand that whatever you need to do is what will come to your mind to do in that situation. Some people use the McRoberts maneuver, which is to hyperflex the leg up to the mom’s ears. Some practitioners flip the mom over on her hands and knees. That’s the Gaskin maneuver, but I was taught to have the mom stand up and go for the posterior shoulder. The one in the back. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the mom and the baby work together with the healthcare practitioner to get the baby out.