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Labor and Delivery

This is where we describe how we help educate women on what to expect and what they can do to prepare for labor and delivery.

Questions About Pregnancyvideo

ASK: What types of pain management options are available for my labor and birth?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Historically, women believe there are two types of pain management in birthing scenarios. One is an epidural and the other is nothing,...
Pregnancy Tipsvideo

ASK: Why should I opt for a vaginal rather than a cesarean birth?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER For a vaginal birth rather than the number one reason to not get a c section if you can avoid it, is...
Birth Pain Managementvideo

ASK: What are some pain management options aside from getting an epidural?

Pain Management Options ANSWER: " Pain management is there, so many things that you can do. Obviously we know that there is a place for...
Pregnancy Tipsvideo

ASK: How can I best practice breathing through contractions?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER In our society, when, if I were to tell you to take a big deep sigh or a big deep breath, you...
Pregnancy Health Question And Answersvideo

ASK: What are some medical reasons for induction?

Childbirth Induction Essential Info ANSWER: "Medically, often times an induction is recommended when the mom will go over her due date, which as a reminder is...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

ASK: What can I expect to be in a hospital labor room?

HOSPITAL LABOR ROOM  EXPECTATIONS ANSWER "What to expect in a labor room when you enter. It is going to be a labor bed, is going to...

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