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Labor and Delivery

This is where we describe how we help educate women on what to expect and what they can do to prepare for labor and delivery.

Pregnancy Health Question And Answersvideo

ASK: Should I schedule my induction for social reasons?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER You also see inductions done for what I think are social reasons. Sometimes there's a convenience factor regarding maybe family-related issues and/or...
Pregnancy Health Question And Answersvideo

ASK: When is a VBAC not recommended?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Depends what country you're in maybe, but if a mother has had a previous classical, so cesarean birth, which is usually a...
Pregnancy Health Question And Answersvideo

ASK: What is Maternal Fetal Medicine or MFM?

ANSWER: "Ah maternal fetal medicine, the science of obstetrics. I'm going to say maternal fetal medicine; The common description is the high risk doctor,...
Questions About Pregnancyvideo

SHARE: Why do you work as a nurse midwife at a birth center?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER When I was a new graduate nurse, I was very involved in the intensive care of childbirth and was very excited about...
Common Pregnancy Questionsvideo

ASK: Labor essentials; How do I time a contraction? Use an app?

Early Labor Signs: Time a Contraction ANSWER "The way your time of contraction is from the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the...
Questions About Pregnancyvideo

ASK: What is some essential info I need to know about inductions?

Essential Info: Labor Inductions ANSWER "An induction Is probably one of the most common interventions done in a hospital setting. There's various reasons that may...
Pregnancy Health Question And Answersvideo

ASK: Does the shape of my pelvis affect my ability to give birth?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Yes and no, but the pelvis has to be tested to see if the shape has an impact. Oftentimes you'll see it,...
Birth Support and Advicesvideo

ASK: What can I expect to be in a hospital labor room?

HOSPITAL LABOR ROOM  EXPECTATIONS ANSWER "What to expect in a labor room when you enter. It is going to be a labor bed, is going to...

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