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Pregnancy is a very important time in a woman's life as she begins to grow a child in her uterus. This topic covers things necessary to know while pregnant.


ASK: I’m scared and I’m pregnant how can a midwife help?

Pregnancy Confessions ANSWER "I know that you're feeling a lot of new things, a part of those things are physiological, that you're feeling. Your body...
Childbirth And Pregnancy Questionsvideo

ASK: What birth situation is appropriate for hiring a doula?

FAQs About Doulas ANSWER: "Every situation. I can't think of a birth that would not benefit from having a doula there. Whether you choose to...

ASK: What is an independent birth center?

Independent Birth Center Information ANSWER "A true birth center is an independent facility independent of the hospital. Many places can call themselves birth centers, but...

ASK: How can I still be empowered during a high risk pregnancy?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER Well, I get the question about high-risk pregnancy often and my answer is that if you are high risk, but because there's...

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