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Prenatal Care

Getting early prenatal care. If you know you're pregnant, or think you might be, call your doctor to schedule a visit. Getting regular prenatal care. Your doctor will schedule you for many checkups over the course of your pregnancy. D

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ASK: What are 4 recommended herbs for my pregnancy?

HERBAL REMEDIES FOR PREGNANCY ANSWER "There's many, many different herbs and they have different effects and some of those effects are good for some people...
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ASK: I’ve just found out I’m pregnant but I’ve engaged in some bad behaviors,...

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER So I often get the question that before you even found out you were pregnant, you engaged in some activities that may...
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ASK: How can i give my baby the best possible immune system?

TRANSCRIPT OF ANSWER When you're pregnant, there's so much to think about, but the overriding thought is that you want to give your baby the...
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ASK: What is the difference between a midwife and a doula?

Differences between a midwives and a doulas ANSWER "A lot of people have a misconception that a doula and a midwife are the same thing...

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